On Monday, SLA-MS students headed to the Museum of the American Revolution as part of the wrap-up to our most recent unit in Humanities – Societies Becoming Braver: The American Revolution. For the past month students have been working on a dual perspective journal. Part of their journal comes from their perspective as they analyze and reflect on key moments in the Revolution. The second part of the journal comes from the perspective of a character (either real or imagined) as students tracked who they were, what their daily life was like, a problem they faced, and how they changed by the end of the war.

At the museum, we got to learn about brand new ‘characters’ from the revolution as every student received their own card with a brief biography of an important, but often under-discussed, figure during the American Revolution. In general, the museum provided an excellent overview of the history we learned with a particular emphasis on the role of African-Americans, Women, and Native Americans before, during, and after the war. The museum left students with a a number of questions including:

How revolutionary was the war?
By the end, who was free? Who wasn’t?

As we move into our next units this spring, we will continue to explore these questions. Thank you to the museum for hosting, home and school for providing the busses, and our wonderful chaperones!