The Health and Physical Education program is important for the overall development of each student at Science Leadership Academy Middle School. Students participate in skill development, team sports, and overall wellness activities. Students have the opportunity to learn about lifelong skills that help promote a healthy lifestyle. This course is designed for students to learn a variety of sports, sports related movements as well as healthy concepts to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The physical education program concentrates on basic rhythms, movements, and stretching. In addition to the basics, the program also incorporates creative activities utilizing hula hoops, jump ropes, as well as a variety of tag games.  During these games we emphasize leadership, teamwork, fair play, and friendly competition. A selection of sports teams that we have incorporated in the program include kickball, soccer, and basketball.

Health education is designed to help familiarize students with issues they will encounter during their middle school years. The first unit was dedicated to exploring the benefits of daily physical activity and basic nutrition. With the help of the Eat.Right.Now program our students have also been exposed to USDA MyPlate and are learning how to create a healthy balanced meal. Our second unit concentrates on decision making, risk factors,peer pressure,  drug and alcohol awareness. On Mondays and Wednesdays our students participate in “Mindful Mondays” and “Wellness Wednesdays” with our wonderful guidance counselor Ms. Sharlean going over social health issues.