This weekend, SLAMS students participated in the Checkmate Violence chess tournament at Temple University.  On Saturday, Jayden G., Christopher W., and Sophia C. all had a chance to compete in their first tournament, and while the competition was tough, these three managed to earn SLAMS a 1st place team trophy in the non-rated K-5 section on Saturday!  Brian E., Charlie C., Kai P., Dara S., and Avik K. all competed in four matches in the rated section of the tournament on Saturday, and Brian and Charlie returned on Sunday to play three more rounds.  After all of the wins were tallied, SLAMS earned another 1st place team trophy in the K-5 rated section this weekend!  Way to go team, earning the top team prize in all of the sections we played in this weekend!  The team’s next match will be Thursday, as the head back to the School District headquarters for round 3 of the scholastic chess league!