On Monday, March 13, 5th graders surprised Mr. Boyle with a new T-shirt. The T-shirt in question was special because it was the first mass produced SLA-MS T-shirt. It was made even better by the addition of every student signature on the front in bright colors.

Charlotte S. organized the secret. With the help of her family, she was able to design the shirts, order them and get them to school without Mr. Boyle knowing.

She visited each Advisory with Maya P., Jada W., Kai P., and Sophia C so that each student and teacher could sign the shirt for Mr. Boyle and choose a size for their own shirt. On Monday, March 13th, Charlotte and her team distributed all the shirts to students and developed a rouse to get Mr. Boyle to come to where all the students were gathered.

While the students loudly chanted “SLA-MS, SLA-MS, SLA-MS,” Mr. Boyle was presented with his shirt. Mr. Boyle was surprised and the students were all glad to have found a way to make him smile.

When asked to comment, Charlotte said, “The shirts were an idea I had as a gift for the school. It took some time, but in the end, it was all worth it.” I think everyone can agree with her!