The 2017-2018 school year is off to an action packed start with Expo. Expo is a time for students to dive into the core values of SLA-MS: inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation and reflection. Each Expo group traveled to a preselected location in the community, observed their surroundings and then raised questions. Students researched their questions by interviewing people and using the intern

et to find answers. They then collaborated to plan and present their information to another Expo group. Presentations came in the form of informational robots and other creative structures, game shows and other exciting visuals.

    Thank you to our Expo sites and all the people who served as tour guides, interviewees, and hosts. We would like to thank the following community members and locations: Sabrina’s, Drexel Recreation Center, Drexel University, Mural Arts Program, Summer Winter Garden and Chef Ziccardi, the students and staff of Drexel ExCITE Center, the staff of Sabrina’s Cafe and the community members of Mantua.