After extensive work researching books students wanted to order for our library and building a budget with our allotted money, students were thrilled when the books finally arrived! It took only a few minutes before students were asking, “Where are going to keep all the books?” This question launched our next project: book case design! Students studied the shape and features of book cases as we learned about area, perimeter, and volume. They learned about ‘scale’ as they drew to-scale designs for their proposed bookcases. At this stage, we partnered up with a team of expert builders / high schoolers from “The Workshop School”, a public high school also in the Innovation Network. These high schoolers reviewed our designs and chose two winners. After this, we set to work on the construction. While the high schoolers did all the wood cutting for us back at their shop, they helped us to use a variety of tools to put the bookcases together. After drilling, aligning, sanding, and a lot of paint! – we had eight beautiful book cases to share with classrooms across the school.