Mission & Vision

“How do we learn?”

“What can we create?”

“What does it mean to lead?”

These three essential questions form the basis of instruction at the Science Leadership Academy Middle School (SLA-MS), a School District middle school opening in September 2016. SLA-MS is built on the notion that inquiry is the very first step in the process of learning. Developed in partnership with Drexel University and its commitment to inquiry-based science, SLA-MS provides a vigorous, college-preparatory curriculum with a focus on science, technology, mathematics and entrepreneurship. Students at SLA-MS learn in a project-based environment where the core values of inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation and reflection are emphasized in all classes.

The structure of the Science Leadership Academy Middle School reflects its core values, with longer class periods to allow for more laboratory work in science classes and performance-based learning in all classes. In addition, students will have weekly opportunities to work with University and Community partners, as well as with The Academy of Natural Sciences.

At SLA-MS, learning is not just something that happens from 8:15am to 3:20pm, but a continuous process that expands beyond the four walls of the classroom into every facet of our lives.

Student Handbook

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SLA-MS is currently located at the Dornsife Center at Drexel, located at 36th and Spring Garden, while our permanent home is being constructed.

News & Updates

Miss E.’s Home for Wayward Children

Beginning February 1st - "Miss E.’s Home for Wayward Children"! Need some extra help? Homework got you down? Can’t figure out that project? Missed a concept in class? Craving a little one-on-one attention? Then "Miss E.’s Home for Wayward Children" is for you!! Join...

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Science Updates

In science, we have been exploring the impacts of reducing, reusing, recycling at SLAMS and the world at large. In a sample collected by our 5th and 6th graders, we learned that over 60% of our waste at school is paper and nearly 80% of our total waste is recyclable...

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Environmental Art

The 6th grade just finished doing a big linocut-printing project in art! Each student chose a letter of the alphabet and researched an environmental related topic they found, expanding on the work they were doing In science on recycling! From their research they...

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Pathfinder Math Update

Pathfinders have been busy in math this month operating with fractions. Inquiry has driven our study as we have asked questions like: Why is it necessary to have a common denominator when you add or subtract fractions? Why is the product of multiplied fractions...

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Health & PE Update

The Health and Physical Education program is important for the overall development of each student at Science Leadership Academy Middle School. Students participate in skill development, team sports, and overall wellness activities. Students have the opportunity to...

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Becoming Braver in Humanities

In Humanities classes, students are starting up their new unit, “Becoming Braver.” In this unit students will examine how individuals change over time. To start, students will focus on the main character of their newest literature circle book at they track how this...

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Walking Tour of West Philadelphia

Today is the day!  Join us on our walking tour of West Philadelphia as we celebrate Bravery In The Neighborhood! In Humanities, students have been studying bravery from both a personal and historical perspective. We've looked at bravery within ourselves as readers and...

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Home & School Fundraisers in December

SLAMS Families and Friends, Home and School is having THREE fundraisers!  On Thursday, 12/14 and Wednesday, 12/20 they will be hosting bake sales during student lunchtimes.  Students will be able to purchase a variety of delicious baked goods during their lunch break....

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