Mission & Vision

“How do we learn?”

“What can we create?”

“What does it mean to lead?”

These three essential questions form the basis of instruction at the Science Leadership Academy Middle School (SLA-MS), a School District middle school opening in September 2016. SLA-MS is built on the notion that inquiry is the very first step in the process of learning. Developed in partnership with Drexel University and its commitment to inquiry-based science, SLA-MS provides a vigorous, college-preparatory curriculum with a focus on science, technology, mathematics and entrepreneurship. Students at SLA-MS learn in a project-based environment where the core values of inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation and reflection are emphasized in all classes.

The structure of the Science Leadership Academy Middle School reflects its core values, with longer class periods to allow for more laboratory work in science classes and performance-based learning in all classes. In addition, students will have weekly opportunities to work with University and Community partners, as well as with The Academy of Natural Sciences.

At SLA-MS, learning is not just something that happens from 8:15am to 3:20pm, but a continuous process that expands beyond the four walls of the classroom into every facet of our lives.

Student Handbook

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SLA-MS is currently located at the Dornsife Center at Drexel, located at 36th and Spring Garden, while our permanent home is being constructed.

News & Updates

SLAMS is Hiring!

Are you interested in working in an inquiry-driven, project based middle school? SLA-MS is starting the search for progressive educators to join our staff for the 17-18 school year. SLA-MS is looking for certified classroom teachers with a strong math and/or science...

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The Water Cycle & Multiplication in STEM

What are the ways water moves and changes? STEM classes have been exploring this question for the last two weeks and are currently creating models that show how water changes and moves throughout the water cycle. Students are also developing their multiplicative...

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Health Class Update

In Health Class, our students are in the midst of a 25 day Health Challenge. Students picked a healthy habit that they want to try for 25 days such as drinking the daily recommended amount of water, eating fruits and veggies, giving up soda, going to bed early,...

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Create A Tool

Part way into our bookcase study, students began wondering if they would REALLY get to use power tools (the answer was, of course, yes!) and how these tools worked. From these questions, we began our study of Work and Simple Machines. Grounded in the question, "What...

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Where are we going to keep all the books?

After extensive work researching books students wanted to order for our library and building a budget with our allotted money, students were thrilled when the books finally arrived! It took only a few minutes before students were asking, "Where are going to keep all...

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What’s New In Humanities

This week, both Humanities will be working through the principles of the Black Lives Matter movement. Through reading a variety of fiction and informational texts, they will be thinking and talking about how these principles integrate with the 5th grade essential...

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SLAMS Students Win Big At Chess Tournament

This weekend, SLAMS students participated in the Checkmate Violence chess tournament at Temple University.  On Saturday, Jayden G., Christopher W., and Sophia C. all had a chance to compete in their first tournament, and while the competition was tough, these three...

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Winter Break

Our Winter Break is approaching quickly.  Below are some reminders about important dates. The last day of school before the break will be Friday, December 23.  This is a FULL DAY. School will be closed the entire week of December 26th. School resumes for STAFF on...

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Math Lab Begins

Students who are interested in further math exploration will have opportunities throughout the week to join Ms. Hilary and Ms. Ironside for Math Lab. This time will be devoted to skill support, new math puzzles and challenges, and general STEM project work. Math Lab...

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